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April 02, 2008


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Thanks Lorna. It was quite a feat persuading them to do it in the first place!
They do pack shopping bags but only really at Christmas when they also offer a gift wrap service. They earned a good amount I believe. They also sell fondant chocolates (the factory is in the same village and offers them to the school for nothing) at Christmas and that is a great success. But the French don't like to give for "nothing" in return! They just don't have that Anglo Saxon attitude!


Well done! Here in Ireland that kind of fundraising is fairly popular. Lots of mums walked in the ladies mini marathon over here to raise money for the new primary school.
Something else that worked surprisingly well was packing bags in a supermarket. We did a rota to cover a Thursday evening, Friday evening and all day Saturday and raised 2,500 euro which I thought was incredible and people were so generous. It's quite common here too for various groups like Scouts etc to fundraise in that way but I couldn't believe how much they actually raised.

All the best, Lorna

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