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May 03, 2008


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Good luck licking the mites. I'm sure the sugar treatment will get rid of them... This coming from someone who has never touched a beehive, let alone had to deal with mites... but I'm sure it will work ;)

polly peirce

Good luck with those nasty little blighter's; I hadn't heard of the sugar treatment but I sincerely hope that it works. It has to be better than chemicals which would affect the bees and their honey too... Finger's crossed!

Green Me

Thank you for the acknowledgment! Good luck with the bees. We have several bee keepers in our area and it sure sounds like hard work. And, there is nothing like raw honey! Good luck with the mites!

A. Caleb Hartley

I'm glad you like environmentastic!, and thanks for the shout-out.

If you ever have any suggestions, requests, or ideas to make it better, let me know - I'm all ears!

A. Caleb Hartley

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