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May 20, 2008


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polly peirce

I'm sorry to be so blunt about this but Thomas Beatie may be a man legally; however, in reality he is little more than a woman who has undergone bilateral mastectomy in order to emulate the appearance of a man.

I have attended gender re-assignments in the past; they are complicated and traumatic operations. It is theoretically possible for a man to carry a foetus in the pouch of douglas, however, like all ectopic pregnancy's the risk to life is too great.

I wish Thomas all the best, but he/she is not THE FIRST MAN to carry a baby, merely another woman carrying a baby. Lets not get too hung up about this issue, though, I suppose it's a matter of preference!

God knows life is hard enough, without having to content with all of that too! God help the child, is all I can say...Thanks for posting this Jean, it really does make the eyes boggle!

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